CKC CH Dallas (AKC ptd), Brandi, Bailey (AKC ptd)
June 27, 2003
We started back in 2001, before then it was known as HokuLe'a meaning in Hawaiian "Star of
Gladness"/StarValley Alaskan Malamutes which started in 1998 when I got my first show dog, an Alaskan
Malamute "Juneau", who is now at the Rainbow bridge as of Feb 2006. We never bred Mals, but love the
breed!!!! We have played around with a few kennel names over the 16 years of being in dogs, nothing
really "FIT" (For example, we were the mentioned above, then my oldest Daughter came up with Eclipse for
a few years) or someone else also had the same kennel name or something similar. We decided to add both
my daughters names together to come up with SUMMER-REANE (Pronounced: Summer-Rain)

We are a team of mother and daughters who show and breed as a hobby & for loads of fun for Working &
Stock dogs.

We show in AKC, ASCA, 4-H, UKC & IABCA for our conformation titles and we also send our dogs from time
to time to Canada to earn their Canadian Championships (CKC).

Several of our dogs are Herding instinct Certified though the American Kennel Club
& American International Herding Dog Association.
Our dogs also herd/work our goats & we plan to add a few sheep to the herd as well

We also enjoy taking our dogs to LURE COURSING performance events!!! Several of our dogs are CA
(Coursing Ability) titled and we will be working towards their CAA (Coursing Ability Advance) & CX
(Coursing Excellence) titles in the future!

All of our "pet/companions" ARE spayed/neutered. All my breeding dogs are OFA and or PennHip
certified/tested, CERF cleared yearly, HSF4 tested, thyroid tested & brucellosis tested before bred.
I do limit stud service to APPROVED outside bitches only if & when I have an available male!

All of our dogs are raised on Purina ProPlan/Purina ONE or Purina Dog Chow diet and are given daily
supplements such as Fish Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar & Show Stopper. From time to time I will add some raw
meaty bones to my dogs diet which help with keeping teeth & breath clean, however I am not a believer in
a full on raw diet nor do I believe in no vaccines, I have seen dogs I bred die because of their owner's lack
of care & ignorance for the health of the dog by not giving vaccines and preventing the deaths that
occurred, all my dogs are vaccinated! All my PUPPIES are raised raw, it's just easier to clean up and it's
great for growing puppies

Yogurt:  Contains active cultures such as acidophilus that helps with intestinal functioning.
Eggs:  We cook the eggs and feed them shell and all as well as given raw with shell & all
Fresh Vegetables: Outstanding sources of vitamins and minerals.  Please note** that all vegetables should be ground into pulp
form before feeding for easier digestion**
Apple Cider Vinegar:  Kills germs and bacteria, flushes out toxins, oxygenates the blood and  boosts fertility.
Vitamin C/EsterC: Helps boost the immune system and is thought to improve joint/hip health.
Vitamin E:  An antioxidant that helps deactivate free radicals that can trigger cell damage.
Vitamin B Complex:  Aids in stress reduction when being shown or worked heavily.
Show Stopper:  An outstanding supplement full of healthy fats, vitamins and minerals that we've found especially helpful to
assist after a dog has blown coat or after bitches have had puppies to bring them back into full bloom.
Prozyme:  Contains a variety of healthy enzymes that are stripped in processed food.  These naturally occurring enzymes help
in the process of digestion and increase absorption of nutrients.  We add this to every meal.
Fresh, clean water is available to the dogs at all times

I am an Australian Shepherd Club of America, United States Australian Shepherd Association in good
standings as well as a member of the Birmingham Kennel Club which is a local All Breed Club.
I resigned
from the FLCA due to malicious lies about myself as they didn't want me as a member anymore because I
wanted more involvement with the Board. I wish them well as of 10-16-17

As of March 201
0 we became a Breeder Of Merit with AKC, thank you to the owners whom have titled their
dogs from us in Conformation, Rally & Obedience.

The breeds I have helped handle & handled that I have experience showing in the past or I am currently

Alaskan Malamutes*
Bull Mastiffs
Great Danes
Neapolitan Mastiffs
Portuguese Water Dogs
Siberian Huskies
Australian Shepherds*
Bouvier des Flandres
Border Collies
German Shepherds
Shetland Sheepdogs
Corgis (Pem & Cardis)
Old English Sheepdogs
Collies (Rough)
Finnish Lapphunds*
Labrador Retriever*
Golden Retriever
Bedlington Terriers
Fox Terriers (Smooth)
Norwegian Lundehund
(* means most experience)

We love to show and with that we will handle dogs from time to time on a very limited basis please email
me for rates & my upcoming show schedule.

I also hand braid nylon loop leads & collars with or without beads, please view our
Show Leads page for
pictures and information.

I prefer phone calls (AFTER 7pm CST), however if it's late please feel free to E-mail, please give me your
phone number and the best time to reach you so that I may call you. I only place dogs/puppies with homes I
have talked to on the phone or met in person.
I do have requirements in order to buy a SummeReane puppy.
Please view our Litter Informations page for more details.
Brandi & Group Winning/Multi Grp Placing
AKC GRAND CH StarValley's Designer Diamonds DNA-CP
(ASCA major PTD)
May 02, 2009
Shalon & CAN CH StarValley's Reason To Fly DNA-CP (AKC major PTD)
June 11, 2011
Brandi & Multi Group Placing AKC GCH StarValley's You Dazzle Me Kyanite
Feb 17, 2012
Brandi Handling Sable Germany Shepherd
Winning Best of Breed over Specials Under Mr Trotter & a Herding Group 2 under Mr Roger Hartinger
April 7, 2012 Photo Credit Sharon Rogers
NEW AKC CH Clineland's How Stella Got Her Groove Back aka "Stella"
Finishing her CH title with another 3 point major 2nd weekend out with Brandi
under Mrs Paula Hartinger
April 8, 2012
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